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6 ‘special song’ moments for your wedding day.

You and your loved one may share a song that reminds you of a significant time in your relationship. It serves as a means to reconnect shared personal memories. It resonates with you. To have your songs performed live on your wedding day is a personal experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere. No matter how many times the band has or hasn’t played your song at other events, it’s always a completely unique experience because of the weight that song has on you. The musicians feel that and perform it differently.

We’ve identified six potential parts of your wedding – throughout the ceremony and reception – where you can place these songs.

Song opportunities within your wedding ceremony:

  1. Bridal entrance, or processional
  2. Registry signing
  3. Exit song, or recessional

Song opportunities within your wedding reception:

  1. Reception entrance
  2. First Dance
  3. Father-Daughter Dance

If you don’t share a special song, these are also six opportunities to forge new memories, new connections. We’ve created six Spotify playlists below to give you inspiration. All of them are songs that you can ask your band to perform on your wedding day. If you get stuck for ideas, save these playlists to your own Spotify accounts and refer back to whenever you like. Swap songs around from different lists (in your ideation) until you find something that resonate totally with you.

How to decide which moments to have special song request for.

Not all these six moments may appeal to you. Not everybody feels the need for a first dance. You may feel it’s superfluous to have a reception entrance song. Your guidepost in deciding should be this: what are the ones that my partner and I actually care about?

Our musicians fill out whatever you don’t select for, so there won’t be an unnecessary silence anyway. Should you only choose one of these moments – or even none – for a special song request, we use our discretion to play what will suit your wedding’s atmosphere. (This may be comforting information to you if you are already stressed about the many decisions involved in your wedding planning process.)

Without further ado, let’s get into this.


Our Acoustic Duo or Acoustic Trio generally performs for the 15 or so minutes before the ceremony begins. This is to set the tone and to give people something nice to listen to as they chit-chat and find their seats.

1. Bridal party entrance song

Choosing between one or two songs for the entrance depends on two things: (1) how many bridesmaids and groomsmen will you have walking down the aisle? And (2) how long is your aisle? People will generally walk faster down the aisle if they are nervous. If your aisle is quite short, one song will be enough to give the band plenty of time to get into the song.

If you have rehearsed a paced walk with your bridal party, or if your wedding aisle is quite long, two songs will be very comfortable and, in fact, create a nice separation between the bridal party’s walk and the bride’s walk down the aisle. Our musicians keep watch throughout the processional timings. So, if you have a short aisle and want to skip out the bridal party’s walk, we transition your song quickly into the most memorable hook or chorus, so it’s not missed.

2. A song for the registry signing

The signing of the registry can be the quietest part of your wedding ceremony. It’s a good five or so minutes of silence while your celebrant gives you directions on what to sign and where. Meanwhile, your guests sit and wait. If your band performs something in that space, the entire moment elevates. Sometimes, we will extend out a song or play two songs if it takes some time to complete these formalities. We’ve learned that, without music, this is the most-likely part of your ceremony where you will lose your guests to daydreaming or whispered chatter. The music here is very much a filler to encourage guests be present in the moment.

3. Ceremony exit song

Just after the cheers and the first kiss as a wedded couple, the music starts to play. We reserve uplifting songs for the ceremony recessional. The music elevates the buzz and excitement in the air and sees that you exit your wedding ceremony in style.


Outlined here are the reception moments that we see song requests for most often. Beyond the three moments we’ve listed below, we’ve once played a song especially for the cake cutting. (This was especially useful in getting everyone’s attention before they returned to the dance floor.) We’ve had a Disney-loving bride ask us to perform “Be Our Guest”, from Beauty and The Beast, during the serving of entrees. We’ve also performed an impromptu version of Ginuwine’s Pony during the garter toss. Not all of these moments need to be curated beforehand, so it’s safe to have fun with this process and go with what suits you.

4. Reception entrance song

After the buzz of the ceremony, and after the cocktails and canapés, your guests find their way to the reception and settle in. Step into your reception on a high! You can organize with your band to start playing an exciting song to keep the buzz going.

5. First dance song

The First Dance is quite a good segue into dancing after dinner. It can be a slow 6/8 ballad but doesn’t have to be in order to be a great first dance. This can be a wonderful, intimate experience between you and your partner before the dance floor starts filling.

6. Father-daughter dance song

A special moment to share with Dad. This is one that we often see as one of the bride’s highlight moments.

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