A song for every Superwoman mum.

In our Acoustic Duo band formation, our girls Mia and Rachel paid a visit to the Sunken Gardens at UWA to deliver a little message to every mum this Mother’s Day. As I Am is such a fantastic album by Alicia Keys and we chose this song because it’s a reminder that you are so much more than you think.

For every mum that may sometimes forget how special you are, remember that you are Superwoman. Share this video with your own mum if she needs the reminder.

Eclipse musicians, Mia and Rachel
Eclipse Acoustic Duo musicians
Eclipse Acoustic Duo musicians
Eclipse musicians for weddings

About Eclipse

We are a collective of musicians based in Perth, Australia, that perform the most well-adored songs of the decades for weddings, corporate events and special celebrations. We believe that live music is so important in establishing the tone of an event and, if done right, sets an atmosphere that allows guests to let their guard down, enjoy, and step into another world where they can feel comfortable enough to experience all that a good event has to offer.

Our musicians are not just experienced performers but also trained formally in jazz and contemporary music, and we understand the importance of how visuals reinforce a event’s tone, which give us the versatility to perform at cocktail events, black-tie events, wedding ceremonies and receptions, conferences, and brand or product launches.

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