Our Music

There is so much that distinguishes one event from another, and the music is the backbone that sets yours apart. We’ve hand-picked your favourite songs and shaken them up into an eclectic repertoire of over 200 dance songs, wedding songs, beach songs, resort-lounge songs, romance songs and celebration songs. The music we play live spans from every decade between the 1950s and now, and we have the flexibility to perform songs from most contemporary genres. With every performance, we work with you on creating the musical experience you envision.

Have a musical experience tailored just for you, starting with either the Eclipse Party Band, the Eclipse Acoustic Trio, or the Eclipse Acoustic Duo.

Eclipse Party Band Big sound. Big energy. Big love.

Sometimes, you just have so much excitement but you don’t know where to put it. If you just got married, or if your team just hit a massive milestone, share the love and get your guests excited with you! In a four-piece band, we mix up the best high-drama, mood-boosting, upbeat tunes to have guests totally come in and embrace that ecstasy.

Eclipse Acoustic Trio Blissed-out acoustic arrangements of your favourite songs with a light back-beat from the drums.

Cocktail hours, brunches, pre-celebrations, high teas, and the like. Some events need something more light-hearted that will still inject lively, feel-good energy into the crowds. Our acoustic trio sets the tone for kicking back with some arrangements of well-loved songs.

Eclipse Acoustic Duo For those calm or romantic moments that just need a slow, feel-good song.

There are some parts of an event – like the ceremony of a wedding – where you just want your guests to feel the quiet and be in the moment. Our acoustic duo is designed to create this communal intimacy, even in a room of 800. The bareness of a simple guitar and a voice creates nothing to hide behind and gives guests permission to escape their concerns and just be present.

Between the Full Party Band, Acoustic Trio and Acoustic Duo, we can help you tailor the best fit for live musicians for your event.