A candid performance of Moon River in the studio.

Our Eclipse musicians were set to be in the studio primarily to record for a separate project but, in the week before recording day, we sent out a message to our vocalist, Mattie. Prepare this song to sing as well, just in case there’s time at the end.

Moon River is barely two minutes in length. In a live setting, we play the entire song twice over just to give listeners a chance to really take in its magic. We play it at late-night performances at the casino VIP lounges if it’s a particularly quiet night on the gaming floor and we want people to enjoy and relax. More often, though, the childlike hope and old-world romance of Moon River is something we reserve for wedding ceremonies and canapés. Especially during the silent time in a ceremony where guests will watch the bride and groom sign their marriage certificates.

Two drifters off to see the world.

We wanted to reference the whimsical dream that Audrey Hepburn originally brought when she first performed Moon River in the 1961 film, Breakfast At Tiffany’s. So, in our Acoustic Duo formation, we set up a camera on a tripod in the last hour of our studio session and performed – with one guitar and a voice – at Sumo Sound Studios in Perth, Australia. Throughout this video, you can see Rachel, our director and the acoustic guitarist in this track, only in her shadow movements cast over Mattie.

While we did get a chance to film a few more live things in the studio, this one was a treat to end our studio session on. It’s one that we always go back to for its quiet charm.

Moon River

By: Eclipse Acoustic Duo

Eclipse musicians for weddings

About Eclipse

We are a collective of musicians based in Perth, Australia, that perform the most well-adored songs of the decades for weddings, corporate events and special celebrations. We believe that live music is so important in establishing the tone of an event and, if done right, sets an atmosphere that allows guests to let their guard down, enjoy, and step into another world where they can feel comfortable enough to experience all that a good event has to offer.

Our musicians are not just experienced performers but also trained formally in jazz and contemporary music, and we understand the importance of how visuals reinforce a event’s tone, which give us the versatility to perform at cocktail events, black-tie events, wedding ceremonies and receptions, conferences, and brand or product launches.

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