Frequently Asked Questions

We know how important it is to ask plenty of questions, so we’ve detailed a few for you. If you are curious about something you can’t find the answer to below, you can submit your questions to us and we’ll reply to you personally.

Questions about Eclipse Musicians:

Our team of musicians are all based in Perth, Australia, and regularly travel across Western Australia’s South West and Great Southern regions. We are also available to travel interstate and internationally on request.

We are a curated group of professionally trained musicians that form a team that perform together in various settings and band formations. We’ve evolved this way as we learned that this gives you more (1) flexibility in choosing as much or as little live music as you like, and (2) assurance that we can still deliver what we do for you, even if one of our musicians gets sick or needs personal leave.
Most singular musicians can only perform up to 4 hours with short breaks before physical injury sets in (think of how tired your voice may get after a whole day of speaking). As a collective, we can comfortably take care of multiple sections of your event, over several hours. For a wedding, this could mean we can cover your ceremony, canapés and your reception – the whole wedding day – as one wedding vendor for ease and consistency.

Off-season, we are under ten musicians that share performance bookings amongst each other. During the peak of the summer events season, we swell up to under twenty to accommodate larger band formations and more complex bookings.

All our musicians are trained professionals who have both formal training and years of experience performing. We screen through every candidate to ensure they are all (1) excellent and have a strong technical understanding of their instrument (and are usually equipped with formal training from institutions like the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts); (2) able to adapt to a song and improvise well on-the-fly; and (3) great communicators (both non-verbal for the stage and have a friendly demeanour to welcome audience members to participate and chat with us). These three are absolute essentials, which makes it very easy for us to be proud of our team!

Not at all. We are a team set out to achieve the same standard of performance, aesthetic and feel for each of our clients. It is very collaborative amongst our team, and we all work together to deliver the same Eclipse Musicians experience every time. As such, we do not represent any entertainment acts apart from ourselves.
Entertainment agencies, by contrast, generally represent a whole catalogue of already-formed acts for their clients to choose from. Their role is very much to pair the right client with the right performing artist and, therefore, facilitate that relationship as a middleman.

Musicians that join us are by invitation only. We do not hold auditions or accept applications to join our collective.

Most of our bookings are for private events but occasionally we are booked for events that are open to the public to attend. We share information about upcoming public shows on our blog, Instagram and Facebook pages but they are occasional throughout the year.
We are consistent, however, in sharing live performance footage on our Instagram page, so you can always get a quick fix there!

On choosing songs:

We have a master song list that encompasses a repertoire of over 200 contemporary songs, and we are constantly refreshing it. You are welcome to contact us and ask for a copy to see if what we perform fits with your event vision for live music.

We are very happy to learn up to five songs for your event, given that we have enough notice to learn them. A few weeks prior is generally enough time for us to organise a rehearsal run-through. Alternatively, if you are short on time (or just need inspiration), ask us for our master song list and you can choose from some of the songs we already know.
For weddings, you can get some ideas on where the ‘special song’ moments are here.

In compiling an event setlist, we like to understand what the event is for (that is, its intention or concept), what kind of people will likely attend, and how we’d like those people to feel in that moment. Are we creating a dance floor experience, or a still, romantic moment? Are we performing to young partiers, to family members, to your company’s key stakeholders? Will the performance be in a rustic barn outside the city, or a beachside resort, or a six-star hotel ballroom? We take all those elements into consideration and shape the songs in our setlist accordingly.
A wedding, for example, is all about the celebration of love and so our songs will generally have that theme of exciting, romantic, complicated, honest, simple love stringing throughout. (All kinds of love!) We generally see different kinds of people come together for weddings – from grandparents, to work friends to distant relatives, to children, and on – so we like to add a variety of artists from a range of decades that each of those people would appreciate.

Yes! It’s so interesting for us to know what kind of artists you adore, what music you can’t stand, and what genres you and your guests are into. We take all that into consideration when planning the music for your event.

While it is useful for us to know what songs you would love, it is not necessary to select most of our songs. We understand, however, that you may need to give your prior approval on the song selection (particularly if you are an event planner and need to report to your manager or client) so we are very happy to write up a proposed setlist and tweak it based on your feedback.

On travelling for destination weddings and events:

Our home base is Perth, Australia.

Outside our performance fee, the only additional things to consider are:
1. Accommodation: If our performance time ends later in the day, we ask that you provide our musicians somewhere to stay so they do not have to risk driving home on dark country roads when wildlife is active. We organise everything here and simply add the fee to our quote to you, so you won’t need to make any extra effort.
2. Meals: We ask that you provide a meal for each of our musicians so that we can perform our best for you and also so that our musicians won’t have to leave their performance location.

Driving is not an option on the island itself, so we work with freight partners to ensure our musical equipment makes its way safely to our exact performance venue. Outside our performance fee, the only additional things to consider are:
1. Ferry rides & freight: Ferry tickets for each of our musicians, and a freight crate for us to transport our musical equipment across. We organise everything here and simply add the fee to our quote to you, so you won’t need to make any extra effort.
2. Accommodation: Unless our performance ends at a time when we can still catch the last ferry back to Perth, it is likely we would need to stay overnight on the island. We organise everything here and simply add the fee to our quote to you.
3. Meals: We ask that you provide a meal for each of our musicians so that we can perform our best for you and also so that our musicians won’t have to leave their performance location.

Outside our performance fee, and assuming there is no government restriction preventing us from travelling to your event’s destination, the only additional things to consider are:
1. Flights & freight: That is, flights for our musicians, plus whatever freight costs are necessary to bring our instruments over. For heavier instruments, like a drum kit or double bass, we encourage you to hire instead from a backline company (see technicalities below).
2. Accommodation: We organise everything here and simply add the fee to our quote to you so there’s no extra effort for you.
3. Meals: We ask that you provide a meal for each of our musicians, so that we can perform our best for you and also so that our musicians won’t have to leave their performance location.

On technicalities:

Unless otherwise specified, we arrive 45 – 60 minutes prior to our performance start time to set up our equipment, instruments, and sound-check the band.
We like to discuss with you what time your guests are expected to arrive so that we can time our setup period to be either beforehand or, at least, in the most covert way possible.

We play a Spotify playlist through our system during our performance breaks. For longer periods of time, your venue may be able to cover background music for you through their house speakers. Otherwise, have a chat with us and we can discuss some alternative options with you.

Please let us know when you enquire with us and we can help you organise this!

It’s not essential that our team performs on a physical stage. As long as your designated area meets this checklist below, it should be fine for us to perform on.
The allocated performance area has a hard, levelled surface. The Eclipse Acoustic Duo, however, will be fine on grass.
Exposure to the elements (like the wind, sun, or rain) is either minimal or non-existent. If your event is in an outdoor area, double check that we have enough shade to cover us and our equipment from the sun and wind, and have a backup performance area in case of rain.
We are performing in a well-lit area where the stage, our musicians, and our equipment is clearly visible.
There should be a clear sectioning where our performance space is so that guests do not accidentally walk through. This could otherwise be a safety hazard.

Some venues will already have in-house audio-visual (AV) providers and should be able to help you organise sound for what you need. Where this is not an option, we will quite happily provide our own sound that can accommodate up to 200 guests in an enclosed space.
If your event requires our musicians to travel by plane, or if your guestlist is larger than 200, we recommend you get in touch with an AV and backline company to organise sound. We can guide you through this.

Thankfully, you can quite easily hire a portable generator from companies like Coates Hire or Kennards Hire for an inexpensive fee (generally $80 – $150 but always double check with them). This would be enough to power the band if usual access to electricity is limited.

At minimum, here is what we need:
Eclipse Acoustic Duo: 2m2
Eclipse Acoustic Trio: 6m2
Eclipse Party Band: 12m2
Eclipse Christmas Show Band: 16m2

We don’t accept requests to lock in specific singers as this gets logistically messy for us. Before any singer joins us, we already screen through their ability and experience to ensure there is a consistent vocal style and technique across our whole collective. The most we can do is take note of your preference and do what we can to match that preference for your event.

On booking:

Get in touch with us and we will be in touch shortly to confirm pricing and availability. A 50% deposit will secure your date.

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