Frequently Asked Questions

We know how important it is to ask plenty of questions, so we’ve detailed a few for you. If you are curious about something you can’t find the answer to below, you can submit your questions to us and we’ll reply to you personally.

Questions about Eclipse:

The biggest thing is how live musicians set the energy of the room when in performance. Everything is so authentically created in the now and it captures the real emotion of whatever guests and hosts are feeling. We don’t just play a song the exact same way every time. It’s like we are collaborating with the room to create a new energy in what we play every time. That real emotion is something that live musicians can nail leaps and bounds over a playlist or the average DJ.
Beyond that, good musicians can improvise in a way that allows us to adapt to whatever is going on. Your bridesmaids are walking down the aisle too quickly? Forget that weird music fade-out, musicians will stay alert and adapt the music accordingly. Got an awkward silent section where formalities are being done? We start performing something totally fitting that won’t leave guests bored waiting.
In short, you get to experience a real performance, created in the now, that shifts the overall atmosphere of your event.

We are a small collective of musicians, which means there are about a dozen of us to give you (1) flexibility in choosing as much or as little live music as you like, and (2) assurance that we can still deliver what we do for you, even if one of our musicians gets sick or needs personal leave.
Most singular musicians can only perform up to 4 hours, with breaks, before physical injury sets in (think of how sore your voice may get after a whole day of loud speaking). As a collective, we can comfortably take care of multiple sections of your event, over several hours. For a wedding, this could mean we can cover your ceremony, canapés and your reception, just with Eclipse musicians.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb:

The Acoustic Duo is simple and bare; a good choice for a relaxed event or romantic situation (we originally designed this Duo for wedding ceremonies).
The Acoustic Trio is light-hearted and upbeat; good if you don’t want the music to overpower other elements of your event but still want something to help guests relax, chit-chat and dance.
The Full Party Band is dramatic, full and energetic; designed to make you dance all night! We can still play light for a dinner set but then move into an evening of fun and dancing.

We are incredibly selective with which musicians we work with. The all need to (1) be excellent and have a strong technical understanding of their instrument, (2) be able to adapt to a song and improvise well on-the-fly, (3) have great communication skills (both non-verbal for the stage, and a friendly demeanour to welcome audience members to participate and chat with us. These three are absolute essentials, which makes it very easy for us to be proud of our team!!

Not at all. An agency will recruit already-formed acts and pitch those acts to prospective clients. They will often take an agency commission on top of the musician’s fee. Everyone in our Eclipse team, however, are what make up the whole of who we are; every performance of ours is always an Eclipse performance. We don’t take ‘agency commissions’ because we are only one entity, which means everything we do is fed back into an infrastructure that is there to support and give growth to our musicians (this is something that our director, Rachel, is hugely passionate about).

No but we are always posting live footage on our Instagram Stories and Story Highlights.

On choosing songs:

Our song repertoire encompasses over 200 contemporary songs and we are constantly adding to it. We like to understand what kind of people will be at an event, and what the purpose of the event is, to help us decide what is appropriate to perform.
For example, a corporate networking event will encourage us to play light music that won’t overpower the networking chit-chat. A large ball or party will see us choose a lot of upbeat songs from various decades that are easy to dance to. A wedding ceremony will call for bare, romantic ballads. We like to appropriate our song performance choices on what each event types needs to create a more enhanced experience.
We could even take it further by having the musical styles reflect the setting. A wedding at a family farm would be great with classic rock and country music, or an event by the beach would be so nice with bubby, light, acoustic songs. We have so much fun with song curation, and it’s such a great tool in enhancing whatever personality you want your event to exude.

We can learn up to 4 songs for your wedding day (say, for your first dance, father-daughter dance, ceremony processional or recessional). Our musicians will just need enough notice to learn them; at least 5 weeks. If you decided in the last month that you’d like a special song, don’t fret! You can still choose something from the list of songs we already know. Just ask us and we will send you our master song list.

Yes! Just let us know if there are some genres or artists you particularly love or especially dislike. We take that into consideration when putting together our set lists.

Yes and no.
Yes, in the sense that we really like to understand the kind of songs you like. Although, just naming a few artists and genres you love will be enough, and that’s less effort for you too!
No, in the sense that we like to keep things fluid on the day of an event in order to feel out what all your guests will be wanting to hear. We like to stay reactive to what’s going on so we can lift the energy of the space we are in accordingly. In that sense, it can be a redundant exercise to choose for us exactly what songs we should perform. It’s also very important for us to perform a range of songs that everybody at your event will like, so that would likely encompass songs that you may not have thought of but your loved ones or colleagues will adore.

On travelling for events:

Our home base is Perth, Western Australia.

Yes, we perform across all areas of Western Australia. For busy months, we limit the number of regional events we can cover so, if that applies to you, make sure you get in touch with us as soon as you can!
The other thing to note for regional events is that we ask clients to cover our musician’s accommodation and a meal for each of them too so they can perform their best for you (and stay safe overnight)!

Beyond flights, accommodation and a meal for each of our musicians during the event, the only thing to consider is the freight or hire of our musical equipment. We will generally travel with our own instruments but there are some items that are much more economical to hire at our destination. For example, amplifiers, speakers and drum kits are much easier (and safer) to hire than travel with.
A good tip is to speak to your venue about whether they have their own inhouse AV supplier who can help you take care of live sound and lighting setups. This is often the case for larger hotels and resorts that have venue halls and ballrooms. Where AV and backline is supplied, all we would need is our instruments to travel with.

On technicalities:

During the short 15-min breaks and dinner breaks of our musicians, we will play a Spotify playlist of songs through our sound system. The music will generally be in the same style as what we are playing.

We can absolutely set aside a microphone for speeches. Just let us know beforehand and, given that your time for speeches is during our designated booked time (say, in-between our performance sets), we won’t charge anything for that!

We normally arrive at a venue 40-60 minutes early to set up our equipment and sound-check the band.
We always like to know what time you expect your guests to arrive because, while we can sometimes be very quick with our setup, it’s always nice to have everything prepared before anyone arrives. We are sometimes called in for early afternoon sound-checks (particularly for larger corporate evening events) so, if you feel like that will be necessary for you, just let us know and we can consider that in our discussions.

It’s not essential that our team performs on a stage. However, it would be nice to consider in contributing to your event’s design. Talk to your event stylist about what would complement the space as our live musicians should enhance the atmosphere, and our physical placement in your event will affect this. (We sometimes receive floorplans to review so we’d be happy to throw in our thoughts if you’re not sure.)
That said, what we essentially need is a designated performance space that is very clearly the band section. We want to take the best care of our musician’s equipment so it makes a huge difference to that care if guests can see a clear boundary where the performance space is. It also helps us maintain the safety of your guests by keeping away any potential hazards that may exist with electrical equipment.

A stage is absolutely not necessary but here are some things you need to consider instead:

• The allocated space a hard, levelled surface.
• It should be an area where musicians aren’t directly at the mercy of the elements. No long sun, wind or rain exposure, for example.
• The area should be marked as a clear section to ensure your guests don’t accidentally walk through a musician’s workspace. This could be a safety hazard for both of them!

Thankfully, addressing these points will actually enhance a good experience for your guests and your performers!

We will automatically cover the sound equipment setup if your event is quite simple (from a production perspective), if you are expecting 300 guests or less, and if your event is within Perth of the South West region of Western Australia.
If you have more guests than that, or if your event is more complex and requires its own Audio Visual (AV) contractors, we can help you organise an external AV company for us to liaise with. Many larger event halls and hotels will actually have their preferred in-house suppliers too, so if your event is at a major hotel, they may already have the contacts you need for this.
If your event is outside of Western Australia, we can help you liaise with an external AV company to provide us with sound and backline (that is, things like drums and amplifiers).

At minimum, here is what we need:

Full Party Band: 4m x 3m
Acoustic Trio: 3m x 2m
Acoustic Duo: 2m x 1m

We don’t offer clients the ability to choose specific singers or instrumentalists as this often gets messy logistically for us! We spend a lot (a lot) of time making sure our quality of musicianship is maintained across the board so there’s no need for that anyway.
We can alway add on extra vocalists or instruments for a fuller sound. That may be the way to go if that’s something you’re interested in. In the past, we have added on keys and saxophonists, and we can easily add in extra vocalists for a richer musical sound.

On booking:

Get in touch with us and we will be in touch shortly to confirm pricing and availability. A 50% deposit will generally secure your wedding date. However, amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, we’ve expanded our payment options for you. You can read about how in our Director’s letter on how we’ve adjusted our business operations in these new testing times.

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