Hero image captured as a still from film work by Drew Kendell.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me, performed on a bridge by the lake.

During the golden hour of sunset, on a bridge built over running water, two in our Acoustic Duo team performed a beloved classic. We found a spot in the Brookleigh Estate that emanated the floating dreaminess that was deserved in Dream A Little Dream Of Me. The meditative running waters. The willow trees whose branches cascaded around that little wooden bridge.

The approach was to keep it simple, with a film crew of two, using hand-held equipment to let this lullaby of a song speak in its bareness. Our Acoustic Duo formation was designed for songs like this. Songs that only need one acoustic instrument backing a voice to deliver its message.

The golden-green hues of our setting influenced our wardrobe. At the estate, horses and chickens wander in their pens. The birds sing cheerfully throughout the property. And, by the lake where we filmed, tranquil waters trickle down to the area where many people hold their wedding ceremonies. Part of the charm of that place, and one of the reasons we love going back there for wedding performances, is its meditative ambience.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me is a song that goes back to 1931 but we chose to emulate the 1968 version by The Mamas And The Papas for its hypnotising acoustic guitar introduction. Throughout the filming process, the resident cream-coloured cat kept watch on our activities. It followed us around and every now and then we had to stop filming because she somehow made her way into our frame.

Taking advantage of the sunset light, everything was captured in under an hour. A golden hour reserved to capture a creamy golden song.

               Images by Bec Farag.

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We are a collective of musicians based in Perth, Australia, that perform the most well-adored songs of the decades for weddings, corporate events and special celebrations. We believe that live music is so important in establishing the tone of an event and, if done right, sets an atmosphere that allows guests to let their guard down, enjoy, and step into another world where they can feel comfortable enough to experience all that a good event has to offer.

Our musicians are not just experienced performers but also trained formally in jazz and contemporary music, and we understand the importance of how visuals reinforce a event’s tone, which give us the versatility to perform at cocktail events, black-tie events, wedding ceremonies and receptions, conferences, and brand or product launches.

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