The Mulia Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali. Image by Rachel O’Brien.

Destination Events & Weddings

We’ve been travelling from our home city, Perth, Australia, since the beginning. It started with performances across our regional home state. Weddings and events across Margaret River, Eagle Bay, the Goldfields, Rottnest Island. Eventually, events over in Singapore, Noosa and Brisbane came knocking. Now, we will travel worldwide.

Blanket yourself in an experience only a destination event can create. We’ll embrace it with you, with music to suit.

The Eclipse Party Band performing at a destination wedding at Pinky’s Beach Club, on Rottnest Island, Australia.

Image by Kate Drennan Photography.

The Way Our Musicians


Over the years, we’ve been blessed to travel to a wide array of locations through our clients. Remote vintage buildings and family farms in the middle of nowhere. Beach resorts and wineries. A garden engulfed within a zoo. If we haven’t been somewhere before, we often try to squeeze in time to explore.

There are a few factors that go into our team preparing for a destination event. With accommodation, for example, we aim for our team to stay as close as we can to the event venue. This helps us stay ready, on-hand for when you need us by making sure we are as easily available onsite as possible. It also helps logistically with equipment load-ins, and reduces freight and transport expenses for you.

Every event is just as unique as every client. So, if you are planning a destination event, chat with us directly about what your needs are and we can discuss your options from there.

Image: Eclipse vocalist, Mattie, just before a performance at Pullman Bunker Bay, Australia.

The Tree Church in Ohaupo, New Zealand, where Eclipse director, Rachel, and Eclipse drummer, Nathan, married each other.

Image by Nita Meyer Photography.

Travel Dates

Perth & Western Australia
Still accepting bookings year-round, across 2020 and 2021.

Queensland, Australia
(Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Noosa)

Still accepting bookings between 11 – 17 July 2021.

Still accepting bookings between 24 – 27 June 2021. POA on all bookings outside of this timeframe.

POA on all bookings. Available throughout 2021, year-round (pending on travel restrictions lifting).

New Zealand
POA on all bookings. Available throughout 2021, year-round (pending on travel restrictions lifting).

POA on all bookings. Available throughout 2021, year-round (pending on travel restrictions lifting).

Travel Estimates

Logistically, we like to save you that effort and instead book our accommodation, flights and freight (where relevant) ourselves. It’s easier for you and it gives us more flexibility and control in adjusting booking arrangements should we ever need to. As much as we can, we travel with our own instruments unless it logistically makes more sense to hire at the event location instead. Learn more about the technicalities of it via our FAQ page, or chat with us directly about your plans.

Yallingup Beach, Australia. Photographed the day before our Party Band team were scheduled to perform nearby at Wise Wine.

Image by Rachel O’Brien.