A show band for Christmas?

Let the festive season explode with the vibrancy of what Christmas should be all about. It’s the end of the year and we think you deserve to see it out with a big one. In a nine-piece band of musicians, we bring you an experience full of energy, love, soul and all the holly-jollyness of the season. Big harmonies, shout choruses, and dance-inducing rhythms.

These are not your average Christmas carols.

Watch: All I Want For Christmas Is You

Introducing the Eclipse Christmas Show Band

We in the Eclipse Musicians bring you our classic Party Band line-up, amplified with a horn section and three leading powerhouse ladies to bring you into the festive season in style!

Think three soulful voices exchanging harmonies and lead lines. Three horns (saxophone, trumpet and trombone) to create a rich punch of sound to fill the air. Three rhythm instruments (guitar, bass and drums) bedding as the musical foundation underneath it all.

If you don’t have a lower key and need to make this Christmas extra loud (in every sense of the word), we have got you sorted.

Watch: Silver Bells

Have A Listen

A drop in the ocean of the festive songs we are loving. We recorded these Christmas songs in the studio for you to listen and enjoy.

Christmas Events

Christmas concerts and festivals, big gala ballrooms, December weddings, company Christmas parties and celebrations. This show band is curated just for you, to create the vibrancy that nourishes these events from the inside out.

Watch: Live At Forrest Place, Perth, Australia

Song Selection

Traditional Christmas carols are wonderful, but we look for the kinds of songs that make you want to get up and shout with us! Amongst the classic songs you always hear over Christmas time, we perform for you the songs we think have a great beat, an interesting rhythm, and so much soul that the merriness feels contagious.

Listen to a sample song list here.

If you are in the midst of creating a very merry Christmas event, get in touch with us and we will send you on request our Eclipse Christmas Guide for the details you need.