Rachel & Nathan destination wedding New Zealand
Eclipse Director, Rachel’s, destination brunch the day before her wedding.
Eclipse | 26 May 2020

Part of the charm in a destination wedding is that you can extend your celebrations over a few days. We held a formal high-tea-inspired brunch the day before our wedding. It was a great way for all our guests to mingle before the big day.

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Rachel & Nathan destination wedding at the Tree Church
Eclipse Director, Rachel’s, destination wedding at the Tree Church, New Zealand
Eclipse | 26 May 2020

In 2018, my husband (fellow Eclipse musician, Nathan) and I had a destination wedding in a town called Ohaupo, which is just outside Hamilton in New Zealand. Given how curious I see our clients are about my own wedding, I’ve detailed here everything that went into it.

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Eclipse Acoustic Trio at swan valley wedding
6 ‘special song’ moments for your wedding day.
Eclipse | 17 April 2020

You and your loved one may share a song that reminds you of a significant time in your relationship. We’ve identified six potential parts of your wedding – throughout the ceremony and reception – where you can place these songs.

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Eclipse Full Party Band
5 ways you can get creative with staging and lighting
Eclipse | 11 April 2020

While you can opt for a straight-forward, essentialist approach, there is so much you can do creatively to use staging and lighting as tools to enhance your event.

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Moon River performance by Eclipse
A candid performance of Moon River in the studio
Eclipse | 10 April 2020

We wanted to reference the whimsical dream that Audrey Hepburn originally brought when she first performed Moon River in the 1961 film, Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

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Eclipse vocalist in the studio
Ocean Eyes, performed live in the studio in our Acoustic Trio
Eclipse | 9 April 2020

Many brides will want to find a song that is reasonably untouched by every other bride out there. One that is well-known enough to be recognised easily but not so common that it’s the anthem of every bride’s wedding.

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Wedding reception celebration songs
A wedding reception playlist for your best self to dance to
Eclipse | 30 June 2019

Do you ever need a song is just as exciting, sassy and dramatic as how you are feeling? We compiled some celebration songs (perfect for a wedding reception) that we are loving right now.

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Song ideas for a wedding
37 song ideas for your wedding day
Eclipse | 30 June 2019

We’ve compiled a selection of wedding songs we love, from the popular ones that many can relate to, to the classics that are just timeless, to the unique ones that may sound fresh to your ears.

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